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“…FAIR WARNING…Do Not Spend Another Dime On Anything Else For Your Amazon Business Without Reading This…”
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Dear ,

First of all, thank you for accepting my private invitation to view this page.  I do NOT share this with just anyone, so know that you have been personally selected to read the following message…

Would you like your current (and future) Amazon products to sell even more?

Are your current listings converting at a rate below 60%?

Does the brutal, cutthroat competition make it hard to gain the edge and keep your sales as high as you’d like them to be?

Does seeing your competitors at #1 cause you concern or motivate you to beat them?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, then you need to take just a few minutes of your time right now to read this entire page.  You’re about to discover an incredible opportunity to increase your sales, attract a stampede of traffic, and boost your conversion rate literally overnightI guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

My name is Dana Derricks, and I’m the premier Amazon copywriter in the world.  I’m going to help you make more money on Amazon than you dreamed possible. I have spent years researching and testing different tweaks to Amazon listings to maximize their effectiveness.  Recently, my research has led me to the PERFECT solution for any Amazon Seller who would like to attract more buyers and improve conversions

What I’ve discovered will completely change the way you sell on Amazon forever, because:

…You CAN beat your competition, explode your sales, and claim the MASSIVE market share that’s waiting for you on Amazon almost instantly…

Look, I know that you’re not a professional writer.  I also know that Amazon has a very complicated audience to try to convince…

You see, , when a visitor comes to an Amazon listing, they are in a totally different mindset than a typical buyer.  Amazon buyers are savvy, and they have certain triggers that get them to buy.  Without these triggers, they’ll just find your competitors and buy from them.

heres the truth

Amazon is one of the toughest places to sell in the entire world.  What’s the number 1 enemy of a Seller?  Options.  Your visitors are bombarded with options from competitors: a lower price, better quality, faster shipping, better rated product, and the list goes on and on.

The more options a visitor has, the less likely your chances of them becoming a customer of yours.  You already know this.

but heres the good news

Perception is reality.  If a visitor perceives YOU as the answer to their problems, even though they could get a similar product for a cheaper price, they’ll buy from you every single time.  Your visitor’s perception of you NEEDS to be at its absolute best.  There is no room for error on Amazon, it’s too competitive.

I know how frustrating and confusing this can be, and that’s why I’ve taken so much time to understand exactly how Amazon works, how it’s visitors behave, and what gets listings to SELL.

let me tell you a quick story

One of my favorite clients, a guy named Mike from Ohio (well, he was from Ohio…you’ll find out more about this later), is the owner of a medium sized supplement company.  For a number of years, he was doing quite well.  However, lately he was seeing a slight decline in sales and was finding it tougher and tougher to stay competitive.  That was…until he found me.

He hired me to rewrite one of his Amazon listings for him.  I took the time to research his target market, their needs and desires, and positioned him as the ONLY solution for them.

I sent back the copy upgrade for his 1 product and he made the edits to his listing and went live.  What happened next was nothing short of amazing…

Why don’t I just let Mike explain what he thought of the copy upgrade for himself, in his words:

testimonials mike b

Now, we’re not talking about a super-niched product that went from selling 10 a month to selling 30…

Mike’s product was in one of the most competitive sections of all of Amazon…

Weight loss.

After a few weeks, the copy that I gave Mike had his sales absolutely exploding.  He went from having a mediocre product on Amazon that was selling just a few hundred bottles per month, to selling HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars’ worth EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

The screenshot tells it all:

That increase is with absolutely NO outside promotion, NO price difference, and NO other changes besides my copy versus his.

Let’s wrap our heads around this for a second…

That’s an increase of $1,819.01 PER DAY.

Do the math… That’s $56,389.31 MORE money Mike made EVERY SINGLE MONTH because of my copy!

See how important copywriting can be, and how much money is being left on the table?

Now, how would you like to log into your seller dashboard to see that type of increase??

How would that change your business, and your life?

i received an ecstatic email from mike

A few weeks later, I opened up an email from Mike telling me that his product was now the #1 Best Selling in the ENTIRE WORLD in the weight loss/appetite suppressant category on Amazon.  I could literally feel the excitement coming through the email and into my office.

Please, take just a second to really think about how amazing of a feat that is…

Mike is a young guy who is competing with HUGE companies who send thousands and thousands of dollars of traffic to the Amazon listing each month.  Mike didn’t have a huge marketing budget, like them, but he had something even better.

He had me.

but thats not where the story ends

A 42% increase overnight in sales was enough to have Mike immediately give me the green light for the next phase of the project, and this was his feedback (again, word for word):

“FANTASTIC!  Again, I’m sure this will boost sales! I’m now a believer in [Dana’s] copywriting power.  If you have something to sell, hire this man NOW! You will get your money back 100x from the increased sales!”
Mike B., #1 Best Selling Amazon Seller

And then, we did another:

“This is the 3rd project with Dana.  He’s fantastic and ALWAYS delivers RESULTS.  If you get the chance to hire him, realize that ANY month spent will increase conversions enough to MORE than pay for the job itself!”
Mike B., #1 Best Selling Amazon Seller

You probably guessed it, we did another:

“This is probably the 5th or 6th job I’ve done with Dana in the past 3 weeks.  His copy SELLS on Amazon.  If you’re a serious business looking for something with ROI, his copy upgrades are the way to go! “
Mike B., #1 Best Selling Amazon Seller

Then, we ramped it up a notch.  Here was his feedback:

“Another 100% job from Dana Derricks!  This time he built me an advertisement that sent in a FLOOD of leads.  I’m spending most of my day responding to leads?!?!?!?! FANTASTIC! :)”
Mike B., #1 Best Selling Amazon Seller

This is where the story diverges slightly from Amazon listings, but you may find yourself in need of this one day…

After that project, he had a challenge for me.  He was selling one of his businesses at an asking price of $3,000,000 cash.  (Some of you may run into this “Problem” down the road, when your Amazon sales increase so much your competitors want to buy you out)… He had me create the business memo, and here’s what he said about it when I was done:

“HOLY CRAP! This is GREAT!   I literally had to stop working and walk off my excitement.   He took one of the most boring documents in the world and made it positively SING.  Dana gets in your prospects mind and plays it like a fiddle. Wow!”
Mike B., #1 Best Selling Amazon Seller

(For proof of this feedback, feel free to read the actual feedback from Mike and others on my oDesk profile:

Now, let’s put all this into perspective….

In less than a month, I went from being a complete stranger to Mike, to him being so impressed by me that he hired me to rewrite ALL of his Amazon listings and even some extra copywriting work. I consider Mike to now be a close friend, and he and I work together still to this day.

But hold on a second…

Mike isn’t the ONLY one to have a surge in traffic, an eye-popping increase in conversions, and a big-boost in sales…

I’ll just briefly introduce you to Vinnie.  He sells few products on Amazon, and I reached out to him (the same way I did you).  He was skeptical, but decided to give my service a try.  Was he glad he did?  Why don’t I let Vinnie tell you for himself:

“Dana, I updated my Amazon listings yesterday with the copy you sent me. As you know I’m in the weight loss market, which is very competitive. Within 24 hours of updating my listing, my category bestseller ranking has jumped from 16k to 9k after updating to include your copy and raising the price $2 per bottle. What makes this even cooler is that unfortunately my product has received 2 one star reviews in the last 24 hours, but the ranking is still improving and sales are still coming in. I’m VERY happy with the results and would definitely recommend your copywriting service to any one who wants to increase conversion and sales!”
Vinnie C., Lean Nutraceuticals

Here’s the screenshot he sent me (click to enlarge)

See that?

Within 24 hours of implementing my copy on his page, Vinnie’s sales jumped to $424.20. That’s an increase of 60.68% (from his BEST day that week) in sales in 24 hours!

Okay, okay… I know what you’re thinking.

Those are just two “Freak Cases” of Amazon sellers that I got lucky with, right?

Sorry, but no.

I’ll keep this last story short.

I reached out to Colby, an Amazon Seller (again, like you ).

He was skeptical, too, but gave me shot.  Here’s what he said:

“It’s been less than 12 hours since implementing Dana’s copy on our Amazon listing and we are already seeing an increase in our conversion.  Dana provided excellent support, helped us with promotions, and even walked me through setting up the promotion he put together.  I was skeptical at first but after asking for a recommendation on him in a forum, Ryan Moran ( a well-known internet marketer) said he used him all the time and he highly recommended him. I am MORE than pleased and this investment will literally pay for itself before I wake up tomorrow morning
Colby B., Health Plus Prime

But it’s not just three people having exceptional experiences with me, here’s some more:

testimonials amazon service

how can you have an experience like


I’ll do EXACTLY what I’m doing for hundreds of Amazon sellers to blow away their competitors WITHOUT changing anything except their copy!

So, If your sales aren’t where you want them to be…

If you’d like to surpass your competition, and claim the massive share of the market that Amazon has to offer…

If you’d like to see your listing pull in extra traffic for FREE from Amazon searches…

If you’d like to see your listings converting MUCH better than they currently do…

Then you’ve found the EXACT solution you need to take your Amazon sales to an entirely new level.

Even if your product is already selling well.

Even if you have tried other copywriters in the past.

Even if you think you can hire another copywriter to do this for cheaper.

Even if you think that my fee may be too expensive and you’re not sure if this is something you should be investing in…

Having more sales on Amazon each month is pretty much a no-brainer, isn’t it ?

I’ll be the first to tell you that you can go ahead and find another writer (or try it yourself) to rewrite your listing for cheaper.  But, you need to understand that by paying less, you’re getting lessYou cannot put a price on quality.

With the incredible new enhancements to your Amazon listing, and my expert assistance…

  • You’ll gain the edge on your competitors with my years of research and testing on what gets Amazon listings to SELL
  • You’ll no longer have to waste time or money trying to keep up with the sales volume on Amazon
  • You won’t have to keep trying different tweaks to your product or photos to try to figure out how to get it to sell better
  • You won’t have to worry about your product fading out
  • You’ll be able to sit back and watch your traffic, conversions, and sales go up every single month!
  • You’ll finally get to find relief in knowing that you’re doing EVERYTHING you can to have your Amazon listings completely maximized

Now, you can use the same exact service that’s revolutionizing the way Amazon Sellers get MORE products sold than ever before, with my “Secret Amazon Copy Formula” and absolutely NO other changes!

They call me the “Copywriting Professor” for a reason.  I’ve got the incredible, nearly-unbelievable feedback (look to the right) for a reason.

My copy has generated millions of dollars in sales for my clients.

A typical client comes to me to rewrite just one Amazon listing to begin with, then realizes the magnitude of what my changes do for them…and hires me to rewrite their ENTIRE product line.  <— That should tell you something about the work I do.

So, if you’re ready to allow me to craft the PERFECT Amazon copy for you to get more traffic coming naturally from searches, to increase the number of conversions that you’re seeing, and to blow the roof off of your sales…

It’s time YOU start selling the SMART way, get ALL of your Amazon listings maximized, and watch as the sales roll in!

Get Started Today for ONLY $5,000.00


Wait …
Since I’d REALLY like to show you exactly how amazing
the changes I’m going to make for you are…

I’ll write or rewrite your listing (1) for the LOW price, , of ONLY


That’s Right! Only $1497/listing for a 100% unique, from scratch, and PROVEN copy for your Amazon listing (made specifically for your product and targeted directly to your audience) that WILL produce you incredible results!

I know what you’re thinking…

That’s pretty darn expensive for something that seems fairly simple. I agree that isn’t cheap. But…

Think of it this way, what are your alternative options?

1. You can continue with your listing on your own and hope for the best. (A lot of my clients are shocked at just how much better my listing performs than theirs)

2. You can hire somebody else to do it for cheaper, they’ll outsource it to their interns, and you’ll end up getting exactly what you paid for.

Either way, you’re not maximizing the money flowing to you with your listing…not even close.

Why am I charging the most money to write a listing?

Reason #1: My listings flat out WORK.
Look at my feedback to the right…I go above and beyond for EVERY single client I work with.  I NEVER outsource my work, ever.  I craft the most compelling, motivating, and enticing copy that gets RESULTS.  I get repeat work from it.  Giving you the most outstanding copywriting & results you’ve ever experienced, allows me to have more work in the pipeline down the road and I value our relationship tremendously. 

Reason #2: Nobody does it like me…they just can’t.
I have proven, secret methods of researching that get results that nobody can compete with. It’s unfair what I’m able to do. On top of that, I’ve literally cracked the code as to the perfect format for these listing to be written to maximize sales. People try to rip my style off all the time, but they don’t have a clue what they’re doing.

I have a list of multi-millionaire clients who sneeze out $1500…and I typically charge them much more than that to write or rewrite an Amazon listing.  However, I’m not passionate about making the rich richer. I’m passionate about giving honest, hardworking folks like you an unfair (but completely legal and ethical) advantage so you can enjoy the same success that countless others have. That’s what gets me up in the morning.

I can’t offer this forever, though, because the demand for my service has been so overwhelming. I have to keep the window that this offer is open short and  limit the amount of packages I let go at this price.

All you need to do is click below to claim YOUR Amazon Listing Upgrade Package!

claim this now2

 NOTE: If paying by credit/debit card, you can select your quantity on the next page if you wish to order more than 1 (I would strongly suggest ordering more than 1 if you’re considering it, in case the price goes up).

What’s all included?

  • Traffic-Attracting & Enticing Title –This will attract more Amazon traffic from searches, plus it will entice more browsers to open your product’s page over competitor’s
  • Can’t-Say-No Key Features –These will give those visitors an immediate connection and reason to read ALL the information they can about your product, and will funnel them to the description (which will close the sale)
  • Indications, Ingredients, Directions, Disclaimer –Important information about using your product, why it’s superior to other options, and how to effectively use it for maximum results (and the beginning of a happy customer)
  • I-Need-To-Order-Now Product Description –Will convince ANY visitor who may be “On the fence” to give it a try, and will absolutely motivate visitors to become BUYERS (Featuring some of my own “Secret methods”)
  • Time-Saving Product Description in HTML Format –Don’t know how to code? Don’t want to spend the time making sure that it’s exactly what Amazon wants? I will code the description in HTML format, so it’s PERFECTLY highlighting the strongest points of the copy and you can just copy/paste it into your Amazon listing!

…As sweet of an offer this is, and how badly I want to work with you, I do have to limit the number of upgrades I perform at this price.

As I said before, I sometimes charge up to $10,000+ to rewrite a single Amazon listing…

But…If you promise to claim my Amazon Upgrade Package today AND send me an email or letter review with your feedback, I’ll let you have the ENTIRE upgrade package (not a cheap sloppy version, the FULL thing) for just $1497!

Instead of letting your competitors cash in on YOUR market on Amazon, give this upgrade a try and you can see the results for yourself in literally a few days.

Don’t believe me yet?

Take a look (to the right) at what some of my clients have said about me and my abilities.

 Remember, this isn’t a purchase.
It’s an investment.

This is an investment in your business to take out your competition in a clean, ethical, and powerful way.  An investment in your business to sell a LOT more without having to spend a ton of money or make major changes.  An investment in yourself to produce the results your company (or boss) is looking for.

Just make sure you take action right now.

You don’t want to look back a few weeks later and wish you would have done something today… wishing how you could have stopped letting your competition rake in the sales on Amazon and get YOUR product where it should be –On top.

So, go ahead. It really is your turn to become my next success story.

  • YES, Dana! I am aware that today is my ONLY chance to get your Amazon Copy Upgrade Package and your introductory price of just $1497.  I MUST order today to guarantee that price.
  • YES, Dana! I understand that my request will be processed on a totally secure server, and, once it is processed, I will simply fill out the short questionnaire and I’ll have my Amazon copy back within about 5-10 business days!
  • YES, Dana!  I know that by taking action today, I only pay 1 low price. There are no renewals, no recurring fees, and no other charges. This is a 1-time offer.
  • YES, Dana! I understand that I don’t have to just buy 1, I can enter in how ever many Amazon listings I’d like written or rewritten on the next page.  (Ordering more now will save you more $ later)
  • YES, Dana!  I’m ready to take my Amazon listings to new heights, and leave my competitors scratching their heads as to what just happened!
  • YES, Dana!  I want my listing to take claim of MORE customers and DOMINATE the market that’s waiting for me on Amazon!

 It’s YOUR Time to Get this Incredible, Profit-Boosting  Copy Upgrade Package

claim this now2


I’ll be there for you every step of the way.  Please let me know if, at any time, you have any questions or need any help.

I can’t tell you how worth it this is. Once you see this for yourself, you’ll wish you would have found me years ago.

To DOMINATING on Amazon (and making tons of money!),

dana derricks2

P.S. Remember, this LOW PRICE offer is ONLY guaranteed as you read this.  Claim your package now while everything is in front of you to guarantee that price, and experience this boost in sales for yourself!

P.P.S. It’s important to view my competitive fees as an investment. In other words, you aren’t spending money; you’re creating a new stream of income or you’re making an existing stream MUCH more profitable.

P.P.P.S. It probably crossed your mind… If I’m so successful at getting Amazon products to SELL, why in the world don’t I just launch my own product lines and make a whole bunch of money doing it for myself? Great question, and here’s the answer. I did. I launched my own Amazon business…scaled it to 7-figures….and sold it within 2 years. All because of the magic I’m about to do for you.

Contact me to have a real conversation about what you want… and I’d be happy to help you achieve it.

Disclaimer: My #1 goal is to make sure that you will be 100% satisfied with my work. Please, if there’s ever ANY sort of problem with anything that I do (I am human), let me know and I’ll be sure to fix it for you so that you’re satisfied 100%. I cannot provide refunds after work has been rendered, but will always provide appropriate revisions and edits to perfect your project for you!