“Here’s The 6 Ways To Maximize Your Listing To Increase Sales, Ranking, AND Conversion…WithOUT Fancy Software, Risky 'Greyhat' Moves, Or Wasting More Time!"

Dear Amazon Seller,

First of all, thank you for accepting my private invitation to view this page.

The fact that you’ve landed here means that you’ve pre-qualified for this information and I have hand-selected you to be one of the few to view this…so here we go!

1. Here’s the #1 way to squeeze every last dime out of your listings.

Have you had your listing text (copy) optimized? Who wrote the copy for your listings? You could be missing out on potentially thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars in lost revenue because:

A: Your listings aren’t attracting as much traffic they could be because they’re lacking the proper keywords in the right places

B: Your listings aren’t converting as much of the traffic (turning browsers into buyers) as they should be because your listings aren’t written in a way that’s compelling or benefit-driven enough to convince someone who is browsing to push the “Add to Cart” button.

If you haven’t invested in having your listings written by a qualified copywriter who specializes in Amazon listings…I would highly, highly recommend trying it. This could be one of the best investments you make this year. Do a test with just one listing, first, and compare the difference before having them all rewritten.

Not sure just what having your listings optimized can do? Here’s some proof of what I’ve been able to do for clients:

In just two days flat…this client literally saw an increase of 38% in his sales.

That increase is with absolutely NO outside promotion, NO price difference, and NO other changes besides my copy versus his.

That resulted in an increase of $1,819.01 PER DAY.

Do the math… That’s $56,389.31 MORE money this client made EVERY SINGLE MONTH because of my copy!

See how important copywriting can be, and how much money is being left on the table?

For those who aren’t quite earning that much, here’s another:

Within 24 hours of implementing my copy on his page, this clietn’s sales jumped from ~$140 to $424.20. That’s an increase of 60.68% (from his BEST day that week) in sales…in just 24 hours!

How much better would you feel if you business literally doubled overnight?

“Within 24 hours of updating my listing, my category bestseller ranking has jumped from 16k to 9k after updating to include your copy and raising the price $2 per bottle. What makes this even cooler is that unfortunately my product has received 2 one star reviews in the last 24 hours, but the ranking is still improving and sales are still coming in. I’m VERY happy with the results and would definitely recommend your copywriting service to any one who wants to increase conversion and sales!”

…that was the email I received from my client after trying my copy in his listing against the one he had written himself.

2. The biggest tragedy on Amazon…The majority of listings are NOT optimized.

You’ve seen them… They’re the listings with short, three word bullets that point out obvious product features. They’ve got the mashed-up description that goes into scientific detail about the product that makes little to no sense to you. Maybe you’re even guilty of having one of those listings. But, it’s okay…it’s not really your fault.

There are far more poor listings than good ones…which is fantastic news for you…because that’s an opportunity for you to cash-in on your competitors ignorance. Take the copy of your Amazon listings seriously, this is a critically important aspect of your listing (even more so than price).

3. Want to quickly boost your sale? Make sure your copy (listing text) is written as if you were sitting across from your reader. 

When was the last time you found yourself stuck listening to someone who only talked about him/herself?  Your listing should be written as if you were sitting down across from your reader, speaking to them directly….you’ll see a much higher ROI by writing directly to your audience.

Avoid speaking about yourself…swap out the words “we” and “us” with “you”.  This will substantially increase engagement, will get them to read the entire listing, and will increase your sales dramatically.

4. Here’s the single biggest mistake sellers on Amazon are making; it’s monkey-simple. 

What’s the whole point of Amazon? It’s a place that consumers go to buy stuff. That’s it.

You can easily beat your competitors by simply tweaking your listing to meet the situation your potential customers are in.  Why are they on Amazon? To buy stuff. They’re not there to seek information or to be told why they need your item. They already know why they need it…now they’re searching for the best deal, the most powerful, the highest reviewed, or whatever else.

What most sellers do wrong is they waste vital space trying to convince their browsers why they need the product in the first place.

For example…

Somebody on Amazon looking for a diet pill doesn’t need to be convinced why they need the diet pill. They have already done their research and chose to buy the diet pill; they are on Amazon to BUY, not to learn.

They also do not need to be explained the science behind the product. (Example: when was the last time you were at a car dealership and the salesman went into detail about how the vehicle converted gasoline/electricity into power that turned the wheels?)

Instead, they should be reminded of all the benefits that reaching their weight loss/diet goals would look and feel like…along with reasons why THIS particular product is better/cheaper/more effective/easier than all other options. It’s not a matter of convincing them they need the product itself, your potential customer already knows they need it. It’s actually a matter of convincing them they need YOUR product over your competitors.

Make sure to meet your potential customers with where they are.  They’re not at the library or on Google looking up ways to solve their problem. They’re at the store, pushing their cart, browsing the aisle your product resides in…comparing yours against the ones right next to it.

There is an absolute goldmine of money waiting for you to claim if you simply write your listing the proper way.

5. What’s the quickest, easiest way to make even more money without spending hardly any? Make sure to have a smart follow-up campaign in place.

There are dozens of reasons to have a follow-up email campaign in place…but I’ll brush on a few.

Proper follow-up campaigns can help you to build a relationship with your customers, which:

  • Can easily result in repeat business (it’s 10x easier to sell to someone who has purchased from you in the past than to someone who hasn’t)
  • Can quickly build up your product reviews, boosting your ranking and sales
  • Can allow you to cross-promote products, giving you another channel to maximize your profits
  • Can create incentives for your customers to share your products with friends and on social media, giving you infinite free marketing
  • Can be an effortless way to explain your product, give extra bonus tips/tricks to get the most out of it, and minimize bad feedback or returns

If you aren’t already doing this, you need to be. This is the quickest, easiest way to generate revenue without spending extra money.

6. Are you making this mistake and losing money? Don’t waste money on sending traffic to your listings until they are FULLY optimized. 

A major mistake I see many sellers make, that still has me cringing, is sending paid traffic to their listing when the copy isn’t optimized.  It’s amazing how much money is being thrown away because of this.

Having said that, make sure you’ve taken care of all of the copy on your listings so that they’re optimized before you spend money on advertising.  You’re going to maximize your ROI, save money on wasted/missed opportunities, and ensure you’re operating at 100%.

If you’ve already spent money on advertising, that’s okay. Just make sure to correct this before spending more.  You could end up saving literally tens of thousands of dollars in wasted advertising by cleaning up your listings and making sure they’re properly optimized.

These are only a few ways you can pump-up your listings so they’re doing what they’re supposed to: squeezing every last drop out of the visitors that reach them.

Rewriting your listings so that the copy is optimized could mean tens of thousands of dollars in increased revenue for your business…I’ve seen it time and time again.

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To DOMINATING on Amazon (and making tons of money!),

dana derricks2

PS! You’re just a few of my tweaks away from catching those competitors, and raking-in on what should be YOUR monthly revenue…don’t try to do this on your own or hire knock-offs. You get what you pay for, you know that.

OK.......... If you have not hired Dana Derricks to do your listings, you are missing out!!! If not, at least get his book and do it yourself.

I just finished reading "The Ultimate Workbook" and Dana, you are beyond ROCK STAR status, wow!!! I was up late into the night changing all my listings.

A-FREAKIN-MAZING! I have a big project coming up later this summer and I will definitely be hiring you to run this launch. I thought I knew how to write a listing.....NOT! Thank you Dana!

Peter C.
Amazon Seller, Online Coach

Hi Dana, WOW! I don't know what else to say. I'm very impressed with the listing you sent over.

Cindi A.
Amazon Seller

I must say, I'm 31 pages into your book and just laughing to myself.

Every thought I've had about Amazon listings and people reading or not reading has already been destroyed.

Now I'm even more excited to see what you come up with. This is good stuff!

Justin B.
Amazon Seller, Online Consultant

Your book is simple amazing.. It has increase my sales dramatically!

I think your book is fantastic. Your examples are brilliant and
really clarify what you are saying. A resounding 5 stars from me!! Money absolutely well spent. Great job!

Katherine M.
Amazon Seller

Of course, individual results will vary.

This was the first time I worked with Dana, and the result was PHENOMENAL!

Did it happen overnight? Yes, it did. He told me that it could take up to 2 weeks to build momentum, but my customers just couldn’t resist.

Dana’s copy is the KEY to increasing price without sacrificing the conversion rate. What an investment!

Jimmy K.
Amazon Seller, Online Marketer

Hi Dana,

You were absolutely correct.  It was more than worth the wait and every penny!!
I am just amazed at how well my listing looks and the email sequence, WOW!!

Kathy S.
Amazon Seller

I feel terrible doing this and telling you this but I have lost my handbook and need one badly. I really enjoyed and carried the handbook around with me everywhere I went, stealing every spare moment to work on, improve and perfect my listing.

But in the process of taking it everywhere I went, somehow, somewhere I left or misplaced it. Its taken me nearly 3 weeks to come to the painful realization that its truly lost. I’ve retraced my steps, called everyone I visited, checked everywhere else and turned my house upside down.

I hope you can somehow find it in your heart to send me another one. I don’t expect you to send it for free but would truly appreciate any kindness in letting me not have to buy it full price again.

Martin A.
Amazon Seller, Retail Store Owner

I'm totally blown away. It's so good I just placed a huge order on my own website... I couldn't resist buying! You've actually presented me with a problem! They're longer than I expected, but I wouldn't change a word!

Brett H.
CEO, Micro Fiber Wholesale

I’ve worked with Dana for over 10 projects. This one was no exception: FANTASTIC! If you like words that don’t make sales, have some other writer push out any old thing. If you need copywriting that MAKES SERIOUS MONEY, hire Dana Derricks.

Mike B.


My [product] email follow ups are working.  I have had 10 people use the promo code since yesterday :)


Lizzie B.
Amazon Seller, Retail Store Owner

This is the 3rd project with Dana. He’s a fantastic copywriterand ALWAYS delivers RESULTS. If you get the chance to hire him, realize that ANY money spent will increase conversions enough to MORE than pay for the job itself!

Mike B.

My one time investment brought me an ROI of more than 1,844%!  Dana offers a premium service that is worth EVERY penny!

Tyson D.

Hi Dana!

Thanks you for your words, I really appreciate all the bonus you’re giving me and will definitely work and recommend your services!

I reviewed my listing and I really love it! It’s something I would definitely have done differently (in a poorer manner for sure)

Luis S.
Amazon Seller

Hi Dana,

I will confess that i was a little bit worry about your work, due to the high price.

But now i am very impressed with its high quality!

Felipe S.
Amazon Seller, Merchant

Dana, you are brilliant BUT you probably know this already. Simply beautiful.

Chavella K.

I’ve worked with Dana for over 10 projects. This one was no exception: FANTASTIC! If you like words that don’t make sales, have some other writer push out any old thing. If you need copywriting that MAKES SERIOUS MONEY, hire Dana Derricks.

Mike B.

I am VERY appreciative of you for giving me your invaluable feedback! Your ideas make great sense and they are awesome! :) Thanks a million!

Grace L.
ASM Member

Dana is an enthusiastic, knowledgable and experienced copywriter who has the gift of clear thinking. He can assess the task and encourage his client to think in ways that may seem obvious, but his agile mind finds answers to questions. His tuition is given in a clear, concise and easy to understand manner that instills confidence; his methods of analyzing and solving problems get results and the end product is copywriting that "hits the button". His copywriting skills are second to none and I can wholeheartedly recommend Dana's marketing services to ANYONE who wants to jump ahead of the field!

Susan G.
ASM Member

Hi Dana,

A Little happy update from the Danish Brothers!

About a week ago our [product #1] went from 1-3 sales to 7 sales! But what happend the NeXT day was awesome!

We had 10 sales of the [product #1] and 13 of the [product #2], which Means the [product #2] was now on fire!

After that day we had two insane days during the weekend with 22 [product #1] sales and 77 [product #2] sales on saturday and sunday!

Monday and Tuesday gave us a total of 21 [product #1] sales and 51 [product #2] sales!

The crazy part is that it was from one day to the next that it exploded!

We're excited! Sad part is we only have 538 [product #2] left in stock and will with this speed run out of inventory before Black Friday.

Hope we can get the back end of the Christmas sales!

Hope you're doing awesome mate!

Philip & Martin S.
Amazon Sellers, Brothers

Read through the "Perfect Amazon Copy" book from Dana Derricks - simply WOW! Very powerful. It's thin and only takes and hour or two to read but once you begin reading you cannot put the thing down!

It shows things much differently to what is shown in the ASM videos....Very powerful book!

I'm sure i will re-read this every month!

Scott F.
Marketing Professional, Amazon Seller

OK.......... If you have not hired Dana Derricks to do your listings, you are missing out!!! If not, at least get his book and do it yourself.

I just finished reading "The Ultimate Workbook" and Dana, you are beyond ROCK STAR status, wow!!! I was up late into the night changing all my listings.

A-FREAKIN-MAZING! I have a big project coming up later this summer and I will definitely be hiring you to run this launch. I thought I knew how to write a listing.....NOT! Thank you Dana!

Peter C.
Amazon Seller, Online Coach


Just completed the first read through of your Workbook, now about to  start creating the cheat sheet in tandem and re-build out our listing, many thanks again for your fantastic workbook!

Ann T.
Amazon Seller, ASM Member


Thank you so much for everything you have done for me!  I had you write my sales copy for my first product to ever launch and sell online a couple months ago and I'm now averaging 7 sales per day and climbing.

I have already been able to obtain 1st page ranking on Amazon organically on several of the keywords you came up with.  Now you have just completed my sales copy for my new product that I will soon be launching and I can't wait to see the great results!

I would recommend you to anyone wanting to sell on Amazon.  I couldn't have had the quick success I have had without you and feel your services are a great investment! I'm looking forward to a GREAT long term business relationship with you!

Kris A.
Amazon Seller, ASM Member

I'm jumping up and down with excitement and delight!  You are amazing!

I will be a spokesperson for you, PROMISE!

HOLY CRAP! This is GREAT! I had Dana edit a business sale memo. After reading it, I literally had to stop working and walk off my excitement. I now want to buy my own business from myself! This is FANTASTIC copywriting! He took one of the most boring documents in the world and made it positively SING.  Dana gets into your prospects mind and plays it like a fiddle. Wow!

Mike B.


So far I am pleased with my results.  My average conversion rate is between 16-20% for a very competitive product! 

Also, I will say your email sequence is converting very nicely.  I have had several organic reviews so far and only 2 returns.  Awesome!!

Because I was SO busy the last few days, I didn't have the time to properly thank you for writing the copy but I really appreciate your AWESOME job.
Thank you VERY much!

Nick S.
Amazon Seller, Online Course Instructor