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Hurry, I’m Only “Back in the Game” and For-Hire for a Limited Time!
It’s true, I just came out of my “brief retirement” to spread my copywriting expertise with a few lucky business owners. If you need copy that will actually SELL, tell me a little more about your project and if your project is in line with my workload I’ll tell you exactly what I can do to increase your sales and profits farther than you’ve ever imagined. Simply fill out my form above, but don’t wait. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this.



Disclaimer: My #1 goal is to make sure that you will be 100% satisfied with my work. Please, if there’s ever ANY sort of problem with anything that I do (I am human), let me know and I’ll be sure to fix it for you so that you’re satisfied 100%. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, I cannot provide refunds after work has been rendered but will always provide appropriate revisions and edits as needed. After all, it’s you who pays my bills!

TONS of Happy Clients!



As you know, this is the first company I have created and your help means a LOT to me! 

I am building the #1 nutritional supplement brand for spiritually inclined people and your help today got me one small step closer to that becoming a reality so...THANK YOU!!

p.s- Thank you again for the amazing listing you put together for me. You are the best resource that was recommended to us in ASM. Thanks again for your help, it truly means a lot.

Rajib G.
Amazon Seller, Shop Owner


Hi Dana,

I read through your book already (as it was short which makes life easy).

Your work is pure genius, and its an excellent resource. Definitely written in a straight to your face way and worth the money i really love it!

I actually like your concepts more than even the group (that I paid $5000 to be in).

Aimee T.
Medical Student, Amazon Seller


Dana gave me a LOT to think about and work on and I am so thankful that I can have the guidance of an expert! His points were VERY clear and made perfect sense to me!

Juliet S.
ASM Member

Of course, individual results will vary.


Dana, thank you so much for what I consider the perfect listing.

Tony J.
Amazon Seller, Entrepreneur