attention amazon vendori'm revealing

Dear Amazon Vendor,

First of all, thank you for accepting my private invitation to view this page.  I do NOT share this with just anyone, so know that you have been personally selected to read the following message…

Would you like your current (and future) Amazon products to sell even more?

Are your current listings converting at a rate below 60%?

Does the brutal, cutthroat competition make it hard to gain the edge and keep your sales as high as you’d like them to be?

Does seeing your competitors at #1 cause you concern or motivate you to beat them?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, then you need to take just a few minutes of your time right now to read this entire page.  You’re about to discover an incredible opportunity to increase your sales, attract a stampede of traffic, and boost your conversion rate literally overnight. I KNOW you won’t be disappointed!

My name is Dana Derricks, and I’m a world-class copywriter.  I have spent years researching and testing different tweaks to Amazon listings to maximize their effectiveness.  Recently, my research has led me to the PERFECT solution for any Amazon vendor who would like to attract more buyers and improve conversions

What I’ve discovered will completely change the way you sell on Amazon forever, because:

…You CAN beat your competition, explode your sales, and claim the MASSIVE market share that’s waiting for you on Amazon almost instantly…

Look, I know that Amazon has a very complicated audience to try to convince…

You see, when a visitor comes to an Amazon listing, they are in a totally different mindset than a typical buyer.  Amazon buyers are savvy, and they have certain triggers that get them to buy.  Without these triggers, they’ll just find your competitors and buy from them.

heres the truth

Amazon is one of the toughest places to sell in the entire world.  What’s the number 1 enemy of a vendor?  Options.  Your visitors are bombarded with options from competitors: a lower price, better quality, faster shipping, better rated product, and the list goes on and on.

The more options a visitor has, the less likely your chances of them becoming a customer of yours.  You already know this.

but heres the good news

Perception is reality.  If a visitor perceives YOU as the answer to their problems, even though they could get a similar product for a cheaper price, they’ll buy from you every single time.  Your visitor’s perception of you NEEDS to be at its absolute best.  There is no room for error on Amazon, it’s too competitive.

I know how frustrating and confusing this can be…I sell on Amazon myself, too. That’s why I’ve taken so much time to understand exactly how Amazon works, how it’s visitors behave, and what gets listings to SELL.

let me tell you a quick story

One of my favorite clients, a guy named Mike from Ohio (well, he was from Ohio…you’ll find out more about this later), is the owner of a medium sized supplement company.  For a number of years, he was doing quite well.  However, lately he was seeing a slight decline in sales and was finding it tougher and tougher to stay competitive.  That was…until he found me.

When him and I met, he was very, VERY skeptical about how changing up the copy of his listing could help.

He hired me to rewrite just one of his Amazon listings for him.  I took the time to research his target market, their needs and desires, added a few of my “magic” triggers and secrets that get products SOLD like crazy, and positioned him as the ONLY solution for them.

I sent back the copy upgrade for his 1 product and he made the edits to his listing and went live.  What happened next was nothing short of amazing…

Why don’t I just let Mike explain what he thought of the copy upgrade for himself, in his words:

testimonials mike b

Now, we’re not talking about a super-niched product that went from selling 10 a month to selling 30…

Mike’s product was in one of the most competitive sections of all of Amazon…

Weight loss.

After a few weeks, the copy that I gave Mike had his sales absolutely exploding.  He went from having a mediocre product on Amazon that was selling just a few hundred bottles per month, to selling HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars’ worth EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

The screenshot tells it all:

before after mike

That increase is with absolutely NO outside promotion, NO price difference, and NO other changes besides my copy versus his.

Let’s wrap our heads around this for a second…

That’s an increase of $1,819.01 PER DAY.

Do the math… That’s $56,389.31 MORE money Mike made EVERY SINGLE MONTH because of my copy!

See how important copywriting can be, and how much money is being left on the table?

Now, how would you like to log into your seller dashboard to see that type of increase??

How would that change your business, and your life?


“If you’re selling anything on Amazon…
…then you NEED to listen up…!”

No matter what product you’re selling…

No matter if you’re selling just 1 product a month or 50,000…

Whether you’ve got 1 product for sale or 5,000…

Whether you hire writers to write your listings or you do it yourself…

But hang on a second, before I say anything else let me ask you a question.

Is the copy for your Amazon listings optimized? I mean, REALLY optimized.

If not, you’re losing money. A LOT of money.

I promise you.

you know what

I’ll just let some of my customers tell you if this is worth your time:

testimonials amazon book

Now YOU can Cash-in on my “Secret Million Dollar” Amazon Listing Formula!

That is…

If you’re ready to be able to EASILY write 100% unique, from scratch, and PROVEN copy for your Amazon listings (built SCIENTIFICALLY to position your product as the PERFECT choice for your targeted audience) that WILL produce you incredible results EVERY single time!

Or…if you don’t personally have the time…

The best part of this is how easy it is to learn. You can slap this on your secretary’s desk and in an hour s/he’ll be on their way to writing you perfectly optimized Amazon copy.

Heck, you can give this to your spouse and they can figure it out -that’s how easy it is.

Okay, okay…I’m mildly joking about that, but really it is so super easy that pretty much anybody can follow right along and do it themselves.

You can pay me (or another world class copywriter) $1,000 and up to write EACH listing you have, or you can learn how to do it yourself right now and develop a skill that’ll bring you literally thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of dollars in sales that you don’t even realize you’re workbook 4

All you need to do is click below to claim YOUR copy of the #1 Workbook to Write Killer, Traffic & Conversion Boosting Amazon Listing Copy for ANY Product!

(You’ll be charged just 1 payment of $397, with NO recurring fees or hidden charges.  I’m even throwing in rush shipping for FREE! Just a few days with an increase in sales, traffic, and conversions and this investment is already paid for!)


What’s all included?

  • A Complete Workbook, NOT Another Junk eBook –This isn’t just an eBook that sounds great and is based on theory -leaving you scratching your head as to how to implement the information you’ve learned… This is a workbook that’s based on real-life, results-based science.  You’ll be working on writing your listings as you go through the book, and by the end you won’t be getting started on your listing, you’ll be finished! Oh, and no it’s not some crappy .pdf file that you’ll lose the next time your computer crashes. It’s a physical, real-life book that I’ll ship to you and that you’ll have right at your desk.
  • The Inside Secrets to the Mindset and Behavior of Your Potential Customer –You’ll discover the inside secrets (NOT some crap that’s floating around the internet) to the mindset and behavior of your potential customer… What’s making them tick? What do they really want? Why are they buying that?  You’ll quickly become a master of understanding your customer’s needs in-and-out, and you’ll find yourself easily crafting the perfect Amazon listing that sells them EXACTLY what they’re looking for!
  • The Million Dollar Trick to Attracting the Customers that YOU Want –There’s more than one type of buyer on Amazon… There’s the impulsive, demanding, and impossible-to-please crowd that will try to get a free ride off you and after you’ve done everything (and then some) to please them, they still leave you with negative feedback.  Then, there’s the smarter, fat-walleted, and easy-to-please crowd that’ll boost your sales, let you sleep peacefully at night, and leave your page filled with positive feedback over and over. Which would YOU rather go after?
  • Create the PERFECT Traffic-Attracting & Enticing Title –You’ll be creating your own perfect, traffic-attracting and enticing titles to attract more Amazon traffic from searches, plus it will entice more browsers to open your product’s page over competitor’s!
  • Craft Flawless, Can’t-Say-No Key Features –These will give those visitors an immediate connection and reason to read ALL the information they can about your product, and will funnel them to the description (which will close the sale)
  • Supercharge Your Indications, Ingredients, Directions, Disclaimer –Important information about using your product, why it’s superior to other options, and how to effectively use it for maximum results (and the beginning of a happy customer)
  • Engineer an ‘I-Need-To-Order-Now’ Product Description –Will convince ANY visitor who may be “On the fence” to give it a try, and will absolutely motivate visitors to become BUYERS (Featuring some of my own “Secret methods”). You REALLY will be blown away by this.
  • Time-and-Money Saving Tips & Tricks To Maximize Your ENTIRE Business (Free of Charge, of Course) –I’m throwing in some of my other secrets that have propelled my own, and countless clients’, business from pretty good to “out of control”… You don’t want to miss this!


Again, this isn’t a purchase.
It’s an investment.

This is an investment in your business to take out your competition in a clean, ethical, and powerful way.  An investment in your business to sell a LOT more without having to spend a ton of money or make major changes.  An investment in yourself to produce the results your company (or boss) is looking for.

Just make sure you take action right now.

You don’t want to look back a few weeks later and wish you would have done something today… wishing how you could have stopped letting your competition rake in the sales on Amazon and get YOUR product where it should be –On top.

So, go ahead. It really is your turn to become my next success story.

  • YES, Dana!  I’m ready to take my Amazon listings to a whole new level, and leave my competitors scratching their heads and slamming their keyboards as they watch me blow past them!
  • YES, Dana! I am aware that today is my ONLY chance to get your Amazon Formula Secrets Revealed Workbook at your introductory price of just 1 payment of $397.  I MUST order today to guarantee that price.
  • YES, Dana! I know that this investment is literally a fraction of the price of hiring you (or somebody else with your ability) to write just 1 of my listings! (At  $1,500 per listing, that adds up quickly!)
  • YES, Dana! I understand that my request will be processed on a totally secure server (PayPal) and, once it is processed, I will have  my own workbook physically shipped to me within a week!
  • YES, Dana!  I know that by taking action today, I only pay the total of $397. There are no renewals, no recurring fees, and no other charges. This is a 1-time offer.
  • YES, Dana!  I want my listing to take claim of MORE customers and DOMINATE the market that’s waiting for me on Amazon!

amazon workbook 4

 It’s YOUR Time to Get this Incredible, Profit-Boosting  “Secret Amazon Listing Formula” and Transform Your Business in 24 Hours or Less!

You really can’t afford to miss out on this.

Also, please note: I’m not responsible for how mad you get when you realize how much money you’ve been leaving on the table because of the copy on your listings.  But, what I can tell you is that every minute you wait you’re losing money.

Now go get it back.  It’s not that difficult, and will save you a ton of time and money every time you introduce a new product.

This measly $397 is going to be nothing compared to the increase in sales you’ll see. Seriously.

Give it a try right now and watch your inventory go down and your sales go up!



To DOMINATING on Amazon (and making tons of money!),


dana derricks2

P.S. Okay, I know what you’re wondering…”Why in the hell are you selling out your ‘secrets'”? Great question, simple answer: I made a great, scratch that, fantastic career out of writing Amazon listings for sellers. I made a ton of money. But, I couldn’t handle the demand myself. Instead of trying to go through the hassle of training a whole bunch of writers to do this and then be their boss and hope they don’t steal my secrets and run…I figured I might as well write a guidebook that literally any seller can use and do it themselves. This is that guidebook, and I would strongly suggest taking advantage of this opportunity now while you still can. You won’t be disappointed.

P.P.S. Remember, this LOW PRICE offer is ONLY guaranteed as you read this.  Claim your workbook now while everything is in front of you to guarantee that price, and experience this boost in sales for yourself!

P.P.P.S. It’s important to view this as an investment. In other words, you aren’t spending money; you’re creating a new stream of income or you’re making an existing stream MUCH more profitable.

Final P.S. Please note that with any creative work (e.g. movies, CD’s, video games, books, etc.) it’s not equitable for the creator to provide a money-back guarantee, because a small amount of folks will purchase the work, use it, then try to return it to siphon as much free information as possible. With that, all sales on my workbook are final. But, I am one of the most dedicated and honest persons you’ll meet. If there any issues whatsoever, I am happy to work with you directly to make sure this is a positive experience and you see a return on this investment.

Contact me to have a real conversation about what you want… and I’d be happy to help you achieve it.



Hi Dana!

The listings are great, feeling confident about them and it definitely works!

Katrina S.
Amazon Seller, Online Retailer

mike-burngasser 2

Another 100% Job from Dana Derricks!!! This time he wrote an advertisement that sent in a FLOOD of leads. I'm spending most of my day responding to leads?!?!?! FANTASTIC Copywriting :)

Mike B.


It's been less than 12 hours since implementing Dana's copy and we are already seeing a increase in our conversion. Dana provided excellent support, helped us with promotions, and even walked me through setting up the promotion he put together. I was skeptical at first but after asking for a recommendation on him in a forum, Ryan Moran ( a well-known internet marketer) said he used him all the time and he highly recommended him. I am MORE than pleased and this investment will literally pay for itself before I wake up tomorrow morning!

Colby B.
Health Plus Prime


Hi Dana,

Your book arrived yesterday, and I spent last night with it and a bright yellow highlighter. I'm excited to put it into action now, and just want to say a big THANK YOU for writing it and sending it out.

And I have to say it's so nice getting an actual book these days.... ebooks just ain't the same :)

So thanks again for sharing your secrets! 

Katrina S.
Amazon Seller, Online Retailer


Wow! That is really all I can say about Dana and his service. He added SO much value that it revolutionized my product and how it is perceived by my customer. I will use him on ALL my projects going forward!Thanks Dana!

Nelson W.
ASM Member

Of course, individual results will vary.


Amazing work Dana! I understand your reviews now! You have to do ALL of my copy work! The power of words.

Ann-Marie Stephens
Precise Portions

mike-burngasser 2

I’ve worked with Dana for over 10 projects. This one was no exception: FANTASTIC! If you like words that don’t make sales, have some other writer push out any old thing. If you need copywriting that MAKES SERIOUS MONEY, hire Dana Derricks.

Mike B.


I feel terrible doing this and telling you this but I have lost my handbook and need one badly. I really enjoyed and carried the handbook around with me everywhere I went, stealing every spare moment to work on, improve and perfect my listing.

But in the process of taking it everywhere I went, somehow, somewhere I left or misplaced it. Its taken me nearly 3 weeks to come to the painful realization that its truly lost. I’ve retraced my steps, called everyone I visited, checked everywhere else and turned my house upside down.

I hope you can somehow find it in your heart to send me another one. I don’t expect you to send it for free but would truly appreciate any kindness in letting me not have to buy it full price again.

Martin A.
Amazon Seller, Retail Store Owner


Hi Dana,

And there I was thinking that you couldn’t even bother to reply to me.  Thank you for your warm and more than generous reply.

You have truly restored my faith in the worldI am more than sure that your work has touched and helped many many people get to grips with all of their copywriting faux pas and difficulties. Not to mention all of us whom you helped during the group call on setting up our amazon businesses.

Your work, writing style, humour and content are all excellent!

Martin A.
Amazon Seller, Retail Store Owner


Within 24 hours of updating my listing, my category bestseller ranking has jumped from 16k to 9k after updating to include your copy AND raising the price $2 per bottle. The ranking is STILL improving and sales are still coming in. I'm very happy with the results and would definitely recommend your copywriting service to any one who wants to increase conversion and sales!

Vinnie C.
Amazon Product Vendor


Dana has been great from the beginning. Communication is prompt and smooth, his copy is strong and persuasive, and he has delivered beyond expectations at all times. He is easy person to work with – even providing valuable advice outside of the project scope.  I will definitely look forward to working with Dana again in the near future.

Dave E.

timothy-howse (1)

Brilliant work!  You're definitely one of the BEST copywriters I've ever worked with (and I don't say that easily).

Timothy H.
Autism Lighthouse

joseph matteo

Thank you for really trying everything you can to help us getting the very best out of your experience as a writer and professionalism. Being completely honest with you we didn’t expect such amazing customer service and we are incredibly surprised.

THANK YOU Dana from the bottom of our heart. We are getting more and more confident that You will be able to make a very big difference in our Amazon business, so once again thank you.

Dr. Joseph S. & Dr. Matteo M.
PhD's, Amazon Sellers


GREAT job! I am super excited to see the whole new selling system in action!

Aaron N.


Hi Dana,

Your listing optimization generated another problem. A good problem to have! I'm almost running out of inventory, which came faster than I expected. Thanks again, Dana!

Jimmy K.
Amazon Seller, Online Marketer


Dana, you are brilliant BUT you probably know this already. Simply beautiful.

Chavella K.

tisha v

I'm jumping up and down with excitement and delight!  You are amazing!

I will be a spokesperson for you, PROMISE!


Amazing work Dana! I understand your reviews now! You have to do ALL of my copy work! The power of words.

Ann-Marie Stephens
Precise Portions


Hi Dana,

Your book arrived yesterday, and I spent last night with it and a bright yellow highlighter. I'm excited to put it into action now, and just want to say a big THANK YOU for writing it and sending it out.

And I have to say it's so nice getting an actual book these days.... ebooks just ain't the same :)

So thanks again for sharing your secrets! 

Katrina S.
Amazon Seller, Online Retailer


I swear this is like the 50th project I've done with Dana Derricks. This guy can WRITE COPY! Want to sell a $50MM business? He can write copy for the prospectus. Want to sell a $15 widget? Dana will write copy that converts 20-50% more visitors into paying customers. STOP Writing your own sales pages. I did that, and it's stupid. Hire someone who can get serious conversions! (I'd hire Dana Derricks...)

Mike B.
Nutritional Sciences


FANTASTIC! It is a surefire money maker!

Larry T.

mike-burngasser 2

Your copy changes increased the number of products sold per day by 42%…in 1 day! Nothing else I’ve seen so far has resulted in such an increase. Even price changes haven’t altered conversions this much. Absolutely stunning!

His copy SELLS. If you’re a serious business looking for something with ROIcopywriting improvements are the way to go. Dana is your man for copywriting.

Mike B.


Prior to engaging Dana, my listing conversion rates varied between 3-5% and page 9 for a major keyword. After the implementation of Dana’s copy, there was almost an instant shift in conversion rate up to 7-8% and a keyword shift to page 5. With out using Dana and his services I would not have seen progress in the way I have. I could not recommend him highly enough.

Hadley N.
Health Coach, Amazon Seller

philip and martin

Hi Dana,

A Little happy update from the Danish Brothers!

About a week ago our [product #1] went from 1-3 sales to 7 sales! But what happend the NeXT day was awesome!

We had 10 sales of the [product #1] and 13 of the [product #2], which Means the [product #2] was now on fire!

After that day we had two insane days during the weekend with 22 [product #1] sales and 77 [product #2] sales on saturday and sunday!

Monday and Tuesday gave us a total of 21 [product #1] sales and 51 [product #2] sales!

The crazy part is that it was from one day to the next that it exploded!

We're excited! Sad part is we only have 538 [product #2] left in stock and will with this speed run out of inventory before Black Friday.

Hope we can get the back end of the Christmas sales!

Hope you're doing awesome mate!

Philip & Martin S.
Amazon Sellers, Brothers


Holy Moses, Dana! You turned something that I didn't like at all into something that I love! How did you do that? Are you a magician? I'll be proud to show this off.

Ryan M.
Freedom Publishing Group


Hi Dana,

Thank you so much for the excellent copy, and for all of your help.  It is just awesome!

Lydia V.
Amazon Seller


Hi Dana,

Thank you so much for the excellent copy, and for all of your help.  It is just awesome!

Lydia V.
Amazon Seller